Located on-site at The Seven Stars Penryn is its own unique microbrewery, The Hidden Brewery, literally hidden beside its outside terrace. The Hidden Brewery produces a range of ales, including experimental brews served on tap at our bar along with our classic Seven Stars English ales.

A new venture in 2020, Tomasz Trzcinski comes with years of brewing experience, originally brewing in the Wooden Hand Brewery learning every detail about the filtration process, bottling and filling kegs. Having journeyed around the world to source the best tips from other countries, such as how to make gluten-free beer and what in particular makes some of the world’s best beers as good as they are, Tomasz headed to the UK to further his experience. After enjoying further brewing courses and some time under the wing of renowned brewer, Rod Macdonald, Tomasz now has well over a decade of brewing experience which he uses to lead The Hidden Brewery in Penryn, a unique micro-brewery tucked within the grounds of The Seven Stars Penryn.

While the Covid-19 pandemic came at an unfortunate time for the initial launch of The Hidden Brewery in 2020, it did allow time to perfect the ales brewed in house to be utterly faultless! Tomasz can often be seen in the brewery from customers enjoying the outside terrace, where he is either brewing more of our favourites or trialing new brews!

To try one of our brews, visit The Seven Stars Penryn.


At The Hidden Brewery, we currently brew a variety of mouthwatering ales and always have something new brewing on the horizon! Visit the Seven Stars pub for a taste.


Our New England IPA (ABV 5.6%) is created using a combination of extra pale ale malt, malted wheat and naked oats, supercharged with plenty of citra from simcoe pallet hops. This refreshing, full-bodied ale is hazy, fruity and vegan!


Our Pale Ale (ABV 4.5%) is made using a combination of pale malt, malted wheat and naked oats, then using challenger pallet hops for bitterness and azzaka and chinook pallet hops for a unique aroma. This slightly bitter, light cask ale is both refreshing and dry, with an oaty flavour. Brewed on site, it comes with zero miles!


Our latest addition is our new for 2021 Citrus Pale Ale (ABV 4.5%), made using a combination of pale ale malt with malted wheat. Liberty pallet hops are used for bitterness, citra and amarillo pallet hops for aroma followed by orange zest to bring more citrus flavours to the tastebuds, providing a fruity ale that’s perfect on the palate. This golden ale comes with zero miles as is another of our house brews, brewed on site.


Our lead brewer, Tomasz, is always busying away trying new flavours. We like to have something on offer to suit the season, bringing out the best of that time of year!